Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm a bitch

There must be something wrong with me. A normal person shouldn't get this angry when denied sex. But he's MY pet! He shouldn't have a choice when and how he gets fucked and I don't care that he says he's tired. He's not that exhausted even, he'd just rather play his video games and not bother with me. It may sound childish, but I am insulted by it.

I'm watching him play Oblivion and getting more and more frustrated by the minute. My instinct should be to fight back and deny him my self, but he knows he has the upper hand in this because I always want him! I may own everything that he is, but he has a tighter grip on me than I could even dream about having on him.

I am the most love-stricken, helpless Mistress there is... I am so ashamed.

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