Sunday, March 28, 2010

I didn't... and BLARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

Jaysin wouldn't have liked it at all... And he left class in a hurry to come and see/fuck me so it's all good :)

The reason for the overdone nastiness in the title is as follows. Friday night, Jaysin and I are blazed, happy, and munching on Chinese take-out... Gavin comes over. It was unexpected and Gavin stays over and wants to watch a movie. So instead of going to bed and fucking, we stay up and watch movie... and then we're tired and Jaysin's being lazy so I don't get laid...

Next morning, I get out of bed and of course; PERIOD TIME! I was pissed! It's my birthday and I don't get any. Darn. Damn. Shit. Fuck. Cunt. Let's all do the cuss word dance shall we?

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